Galangal Root on a table with other spices

What is Organic Galangal and How Do I Use It?

If youā€™re partial to Asian cooking, you may have come across an ingredient called galangal during your search for new recipes to try. Upon looking for informa...

Two Dudes by a grill with FreshJax Smoked Seasonings 5 Pack

What is Smoked Salt and How Do I Use It?

Salt has been a staple in cooking for as far back as humans have been cooking. The oldest known town in Europe, Solnitsata, flourished thousands of years ago around its...

FreshJax Lavender Sugar bottle next to a basket of Lavender Flowers

Lavender Sugar Can Elevate Your Culinary Creations! 5 Ways to Use It in Your Kitchen.

Welcome to a fresh flavor burst called lavender sugar! Culinary enthusiasts ready to experiment with something deliciously different look no further than lave...

Pete's Homebrew set-up

10 Essential Spices For Home Brewers (And 10 Tips for Using Them)

Homebrewing is an exciting and rewarding hobby, but it requires more than just carefully timed fermentation and a high-quality brew kit. The secret to brewing a truly exceptional craft beer lies in...


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Lobsters on ice

Ways To Spice Up Your Lobster: Recipes Beyond Lemon Butter

Lobsters with lemon butter sauce are amazing, but maybe itā€™s time to spice them a bit (or much, depending on your spice tolerance). These marine crustaceans can be prepared in many varied ways. If ...

Hawaiian Meatballs made with Rosy Cheeks Seasoning

Celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month With These Organic Spices

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, meaning itā€™s the perfect time to celebrate this rich culture by exploring all of the tastiest tradi...

Baking Spices: Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Allspice, Star Anise

Essential Baking Spices Every Kitchen Should Have

With the right spices in your kitchen, it can be easy to feel inspired to experiment with new recipes. Read on to learn all about the most essential baking spices every kitchen should have!

A woman trying to determine if her spices are fresh or expired

Do Spices and Seasonings Expire? A Guide on How Long Spices Stay Fresh

Learning toĀ cook for yourself is one of the most rewarding things you can do in your adult life. You get to indulge in your favorite recipes, enhance your coo...

Japanese Curry with Panko Chicken

East Asian Curries: How Curry fits into Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Cuisine

Curry is a popular dish all across the world, and for good reason. It can be mild or hot, savory or sweet, and can include pretty much anything you can think ...

Pan full of Rendang Red Curry

Rendang to Kapitan: Curries from Thailand, Indonesia, and Singapore

If you love the taste of rich, flavorful curries, look no further than Southeast Asia for unique dishes full of spicy and sweet delights to tantalize your tas...

A bowl of Curry made with FreshJax Citrus Pepper Seasoning

A Guide to Delicious, Spicy Indian Curry

Curry is a flavorful and tasty culinary experience. More than that, it is part of a rich and varied culture in India. This guide covers everything about India...

Two Bowls of Seasoned Curry next to two bowls of rice

A Beginnerā€™s Guide to Curry: Everything You Need to Know About the Spices and Seasonings

In its most simple terms, curry is a sauce flavored with a mix of spices. The word ā€œcurryā€ today is thought more of as a method of cooking ā€” incorporating seasonings into a flavorful and spicy sauc...