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Rosy Cheeks® Maple Bourbon Rub Homemade Pork Sausage

Recipe by Higher Grilling BBQ This homemade sausage is made with no preservatives or additives and features a hint of Rosy Cheeks® Maple Bourbon Spice. Lightly seasoned, you can add an extra seasoning to the sausage when cooking to combine amazing flavor profiles An 8lb shoulder will yield about 7lbs of ground meet (removing the bone if bone in)  Ingredients   (1) Pork Shoulder or Boston Butt, cubed average size of 8lbs Smoked Cherrywood Sea Salt, to taste Rosy Cheeks® Maple Bourbon Spice, to taste     Directions Step 1 – Cube the pork shoulder by first cutting out the bone (if you purchased a bone in shoulder), then cubing the meat into 2” squares  Step 2 – Prepare your meat grinder...

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Keto Burger Bites

These burger bites are an awesome choice for a Keto friendly appetizer for entertaining guests, or even just a snack to hold you over before dinner plans! This easy recipe is brought to you by Higher Grilling BBQ  A word from Higher Grilling - "Please find my recipe for Keto Burger Bites! These are so amazing....100% Keto and Low Carb friendly" Yields: 6 Burger Bites Prep Time: 15 mins Cook Time: 25 mins  Ingredients (2) lbs of lean burger or turkey  (2) pickles, slices  (6) Grape tomatoes, halved  (6) Mini squares, cheese  (2) leaves, Butter lettuce  Keto Chophouse Seasoning, to taste Directions 1) Mix burger (or turkey) and seasoning together in bowl, shape into mini patties 2) Heat grill to...

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Grilled Smokey Southwest Zucchini Boats

When was the last time your veggies and your grill got to hang out together? This awesome recipe by Higher Grilling BBQ is sure to bring fresh flavor to the whole family by using 4 different FreshJax spices!

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