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The Benefits of a Low Iodine Diet and FreshJax Spices: This Is Why Iodine Free Salt Matters

Iodine Free Salt Health Benefits: What Is It, Why Doesn't FreshJax Use It, and Who Benefits From This? - Spice Up Your Health Vol. 2 Article Author: Madison Welcome back to our second volume of the Spice Up Your Health series! Our fans inspire a lot of what we do at FreshJax, and that includes our blog topics! Thanks for following along with me this month as we explore healthy living. One of our awesome fans recently reached out to us to inquire about the iodine content in our salts. It turns out that many Thyroid Cancer patients are prescribed a low iodine diet.  It just so happens that the salts we use in our FreshJax spices are iodine-free, making...

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