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Top 6 Unique Gifts For Dad Under $30

Top 6 Unique Gifts For Dad Under $30

Check Out Which Gifts Made The 2021 FreshJax Dad Gift Guide.

5 Tips for cooking at home

5 Tips For Cooking At Home: Do You Realize You're Living With A Personal Chef?

I enjoy creating lasting memories of what home tastes like for me and my people.Ā  Food is love for all of us. Think of a time when this was true for you. I bet you can think of many times.Ā  What is...

The Well-Seasoned Grill Master must have seasonings... and... an an apron... and a koozie.

Need Gifts For Your Grill Master? FreshJax has got you covered!

How do you find the master of grilling something they don't already have? FreshJax, that's how!

DIYFreshJax Fairy Blush seasoned salt used for diy easter bunny craft

Fun and Easy Easter Crafts for the Whole Family

Try these DIY craft ideas with your kids this holiday weekend for some unique family focused fun. Did you know that you can actually use FreshJaxĀ®Ā Organic Spices for craft projects?


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best organic seasonings for grilling meat

Spice Up Your BBQ With These Grill Seasoning Sets and Fresh Tips

Follow Our Fresh Tips For The Ultimate BBQ Party Using FreshJax Organic Spices.Ā Thereā€™s nothing better than a BBQ dinner enjoyed with family and friends on a nice summer evening. If youā€™re planning...

healthwhy you should buy organic spices

Why You Should Buy Organic vs Non Organic Spices - Spice Up Your Health Vol. 4

You may know that FreshJax spices are organic, but do you know what thatĀ reallyĀ means? Iā€™m going to deep dive into organic certifications and why we choose to offer this category of food products.

FreshJax Spice Horoscope Blog

Your Organic Spice Horoscope Finally Revealed

If you had to pick one FreshJaxĀ® Organic Spice Blend to describe your personality, which one would you pick? Are you full of bold ingredients? Are you simple likeĀ Garlic Herb? Do you like to bring ...

dog eating a burger near a pool

National Love Your Pet Day 2021: Celebrate Your Animals With Our FreshJax Team

Did you know February 20th is National Love Your Pet Day? Take time this weekend to snuggle your fur family extra close, make that walk extra long, and throw an extra treat.

corporate giftingFreshJax Organic Spices Corporate Gifting for employee appreciation

National Employee Appreciation Day is Next Month! Do You Have a Plan?

It is the perfect day to show your team how much you care about them. But how do you actually reward your employees? What is the best route to take? Follow along as we dive into why it is important...

freshjax organic spices iodine free salt health benefits

The Benefits of a Low Iodine Diet and FreshJax Spices: This Is Why Iodine Free Salt Matters

Iodine Free Salt Health Benefits: What Is It, Why Doesn't FreshJax Use It, and Who Benefits From This? - Spice Up Your Health Vol. 2

Freshjax preservative free organic spices for healthy food

FreshJax Joins National Wear Red for Women DayĀ® - February 5, 2021 Organized by the American Heart Association

SPICE UP YOUR HEALTH: To kick off this health series, we are raising awareness about women's cardiovascular health. Follow along with me as I share on different health topics and tips!

corporate giftingFreshJax silver gift bag with white ribbon surrounded by confetti.

When To Corporate Gift To Your Clients, Employees, & More

The Search For Corporate Gifting Companies Is Over. Let FreshJax Handle Your Corporate Gifting Year-Round.