Grilling Spices
Grill Master Organic Spice Blend

Barbecues can be an amazing way to get dinner on the table or to host a party, no matter what the time of year. As long as you can pull out the grill, consider it the perfect time for barbecue! 

 At FreshJax®, we know that the secret to a great barbecue is having amazing foods and amazing food starts with the right seasoning blends. Our collection of grilling spices is a gourmet’s best friend for livening up your traditional barbecued favorites. From steaks and chicken to ribs and burgers, here are some of our favorite grilling spices and their pairings:

For Burgers:Grill Master seasoning is a hugely popular pick from our selection of fresh spices and it’s the perfect way to make your signature burgers even better. Black pepper, dill, and paprika blend together to amp up the flavor on veggie/beef burgers, or other grilled items.

For Ribs: Bursting with flavor and the right amount of sweetness, ourRosy Cheeks Maple Bourbon BBQ Rub is just what you need to make your ribs taste even more amazing. Paprika, light brown sugar, maple syrup, salt, peppercorns, and other smoky flavors combine together to give you that delicious BBQ flavor. Also, give it a try it in your baked beans!

FreshJax Organic Peppered Habanero Spice Blend

For Steaks: If you like a little heat, turn it up on your steaks with ourPeppered Habanero spice blend. This grilling spice is ideal for beef with just the right amount of pepper, chili, garlic, and onion. Also a great pick for wings or grilled vegetables.

FreshJax Organic Island Spice Blend

 For Chicken: Transport your taste buds with our warm and totally flavorful Jamaican Jerk Island Spice. Cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg blend with bird’s eye chili for the right amount of kick in grilled chicken - it’ll keep you coming back for more.

  • Incorporate Different Textures: Smoky meats and softer grilled vegetables can benefit from a little crunch. Add texture to your menu by including sides like pickles, chips, or crisp coleslaw.
  • Add Wood: Infuse your grilled meats and vegetables with a smoked flavor by adding a few hickory or apple wood chips to your charcoal.
  • Keep It Simple: Your barbecued item should be the superstar of the party. Keep sides simple to let those flavors shine!

For more cooking tips and ways to use our grilling spices, check out our Recipes section.